How to wholesale clothes in Polskie Centrum Handlowe

You have a large stock and want to become a reputable wholesaler but you do not know how to wholesale clothes in Polskie Centrum Handlowe? Let’s explore the basic information below. You can sit in Poland  and wholesale clothes everywhere!

1. Analyze who will buy clothes in bulk

To be able to wholesale clothing at a high profit in wólka kosowska hurtownia, firstly you need to find out and analyze your target audience. In fact, quite a few people want to buy clothes in hurtownia odzieży. Customers will often have different characteristics.

Identifying the right target customer will help you take the next steps in the right direction 

The criteria to analyze the customers who buy clothes in bulk will be shared below.

• Online time: Online times such as evening or noon, daytime, normal day or weekend… are things that we need to clarify. This will help you to reach your customers more accurately.

• The most active social networking sites: Normally, people wishing to buy clothes in bulk will usually operate on Facebook, Twitter or wholesale clothing e-commerce sites that… When identified these social networking sites, you will be able to post on these pages to reach customers.

• Attractive information: To attract more customers, you must offer messages, promotions, and preferential policies such as great discounts, free shipping… Customers can receive goods first and payment later.

2. Highly profitable wholesale clothing channels

After you’ve analyzed your target audience, you’ll need to post on several popular wholesale clothing channels.

2.1. Wholesale clothing through Group in Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest sites in the web. Facebook groups for wholesale clothing are often set up for wholesalers. Wholesalers can exchange information and experiences with each other. 

TOP] 10 Shop bán sỉ quần áo trên Facebook nổi tiếng RẺ, ĐẸP (Phần 1)

You can choose Facebook as a wholesale clothing channel

• Potential customers: Customers often use Facebook to find products. They can belong to many different subjects and different ages such as students, women who had children…

• Advantages:

o Reach many customers with the right target.

o There are many customers who buy clothes in bulk, with value orders

o Diverse customers, from many different subjects and ages.

o Being able to find customers who buy bulk clothes for free.

o You can care for customers freely via SMS.

2.2. Ecommerce site is mainly used to sell in bulk

E-commerce sites are used mainly for bulk sales. It is a place where people can exchange information and transact between buyers and sellers. Therefore, this is an effective wholesale clothes channel.

• Potential customers: People wishing to wholesale clothes in Polskie Centrum Handlowe, want to find reputable suppliers on the e-commerce site.

• Advantages:

o Reach many customers.

o Most of the audience are potential customers.

o Stable number of orders.

o To be supported by e-commerce sites in marketing, transporting, solving complaints and customer care.

o Limit risks when wholesaling

In addition to the wholesale channels we listed above, you can still refer to other clothing wholesale channels to diversify sales sources and revenue.

Bán buôn Bỏ sỉ quần áo giá xưởng - Trùm Sỉ Quảng Châu

Compared to other forms of clothing wholesale in Polskie Centrum Handlowe, this is the most suitable and best form that you should consult and use

3. How to wholesale clothes in Polskie Centrum Handlowe efficiently

To be able to effectively wholesale clothes in Polskie Centrum Handlowe, you need to know how to find customers, post to sell, post good customer feedback…

3. 1. Post with attractive content

A wholesale clothing post must cover two basic elements. It is content and images/videos.

• Content: Content should mention issues such as Product Model (Shape, Size, Color, Type…), Product Quality (Material, Type of Goods…), Clear Discount for each quantity that the customer buys, Delivery policy, payment (Delivery first, money later or money first, delivery later), Information about your store (Website, address, phone number, fanpage, Instagram…) is essential that you need to provide. This will increase customer confidence.

• Photos/videos: You need to take pictures of small detail so that customers can clearly see them, especially the unique details of the product. This will bring a more authentic feel to the merchant. 

Thực chiến kinh nghiệm mở shop quần áo và quần áo trẻ em - BYTUONG

You must take a video of the product so that the seller can see the material and determine the quality of the product

3.2. Post guest feedback

Besides clothing wholesale posts, you should also post good feedback for credibility. The post content should ensure the following:

• Post pictures of feedback on good product quality: This means that you sell good products, which are recognized by many customers.

• Post actual product photos: Post actual product photos to advertise product. This means that the product you post is the same as the product that the customer receives.

4. Payment method and shipping for customers

Finally, one of the issues concerned by customers is the method of payment and shipping. Therefore, you should also pay attention to this issue. There are many good products but do not support many methods of payment, shipping and make customers hesitate.

For the forms of payment, you can choose one of the following forms of payment:

o Full prepayment: Customers can pay full value of the order. After that, you will deliver the goods to the customer. However, normally, we can only apply this form when both we and the customer have trusted each other.

o Partial payment of the order value: Customers can pay part of the order value and pay the rest after receiving the goods. 

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